The Body Creative

Hello! Namaste! Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

Here at The Body Creative we are all about the connection. Connections between people, connections between ideas, connections between practices. Most importantly we’re about the connection between body and mind and for us, this means yoga and writing.

We love the way that our asana (yoga postures), vinyasa (yoga sequences) and pranayama (breath) influence, enhance and direct our writing. In yoga we find both a sense of space where new ideas can arise and an experience of bringing ourselves to the physical edges of our body’s capability. What better place from which to write?

In our workshops and retreats (next one is Unravel Your Own Myth at the gorgeous 42Acres in January!) we offer you the opportunity to explore this delicious connection with us. Whether you’re new to yoga or whether the mat is your home, whether you’ve published a novel or you haven’t dared to write more than a to-do list in ages, now’s the time to come and explore how your body yearns to be creative.

Have a look around and:

  • enjoy our blogs about yoga and writing
  • treat yourself to a Body Creative workshop or retreat
  • contact us to arrange a session of yoga and writing for your studio
  • get in touch about yoga and writing for special events – birthdays, hen-dos etc

We look forward to moving and writing with you soon.

love, love, love

Alison & Ash xxx